Thursday, January 31

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Weetzie Lovers
a collection of weetzie pages

I suddenly had the urge to find other pages and posts about Weetzie Bat. When I first started this blog, these were few and far between, but a quick google search shows how the fandom has oh-so grown!
So here's a random smattering of posts that I've found in a quick search, highlighting Weetzie Bat, her style, and FLB's beautiful imagery.

Rookie :: Secret Style Icon Weetzie Bat -- a quick bio and info about WB, with fashion inspiration :)
Parfait Doll :: Style Diary: Shagri-L.A. -- an adorable little piece about Weetzie style and fashion, with quotes from the book. Very cute!
xoJANE :: How to Look Like a LA Wild Child! -- This is a neat post (with pictures!) about how the writer pulls off some Weetzie looks on a budget.
Tumblr :: Weetzie Bat tags -- I know; not a blog. But still. scroll through this and you'll find beautiful images related to Weetzie Bat, quotes to inspire you, or people's wonderful stories about their experiences with the book or characters.
Jezebel :: The Book For Girls Who Ended Up Taking A Gay Dude To Prom -- This is actually an older one (2008, the rest are 2012), and I remember reading it in the past. No pictures and about being Weetzie-like, but is a great description of the book, as well as its flaws and successes.
Pinterest :: Weetzie Bat tags -- again, not a blog. But more visual than tumblr, pinterest has a vast assortment of photos, art, fashion ideas, and just plain Weetzie-based inspiration! Great place to browse and be inspired.
Have a Weetzie post? Let me know and I'll add it to this list! 

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