Monday, June 3

Writing Time

So, I've always wanted to post my writing up on here, but I'm always nervous about putting work I really care about out into the internet, where it can be snatched up, twisted, and spit back out as some mutant (or even identical) version with someone else's name on it. So with my two (and a half) novels, I've avoided putting more than a few clips up for blog consumption.

Today this changes!

I've created a blog for my newest project, which is something I'm working on slowly, and more for practice and precision (and to try a new genre-- one I'm not very good at; supernatural and sexy). While I still consider this my property and very much hope no one steals it  (pretty please?), because I see this more as a project than a novel-in-the-works, I've decided to serialize it in a blog.

I'm also hoping for as much feedback as possible (even if it's only a comment or two), and other than critique forums where that's all I'd get, this seems like a good outlet.

Anyway, if you're interested, it is  (as of it's inception, but possibly not as it comes out) planned to be a story about a succubus who is kidnapped and forced into rehabilitation.
Supernatural. Sexy. Dramatic.
Maybe even the possibility of some crime solving involvement, or a sort of magical Girl Interrupted subplot.

Sound any good?
We'll find out, I guess.

If at all interested, first chapter will be up this week:

Tell me what you think.

Saturday, June 1

Beautiful Books :: Frenzy

The Frenzy

By Francesca Lia Block
(HarperCollins 2010)

"He would look into my eyes the next time I saw him ans sense that I had moved further away, become less like him." 

The Frenzy is s little different than the other FLB books I've read.
There's more of a plot, less imagery and metaphor/symbolism, and less steam of consciousness/quickly told sorry points. This one is slow -- a little repetitive-- and let's you admire the story-- one about love, loss, rage, being different, and finding yourself-- as it comes, without rushing you or overpowering your senses.

"May the river of peace flow through me. May the winds of calm blow anger from my mind. May love's fire burn away my pain. May the great mother protect me and may I know how to protect her as I go."

Plot-wise, I think this quickly became one of my favorites of hers, maybe just because after twenty-some books, little else but imagery and sensual writing, with light, airy plots--though usually steeped in an underlining layer of realism-- can get a little tiring, so a very straight forward, emotional, uniquely FLB, book like this was refreshing and lovely.

"The engine revved and roared like a beast as we took off into the night. Wind grabbed at my hair, flaring red strands around us. I held on tight to Corey's waist and I could smell his sweat-- a scent of adventure and hope and love."

Not to mention that throughout FLB's repetoiure of fantastical, lyrical, surreal and sensual texts, the characters in The Frenzy, somehow, felt the most real to me. The most solid.

"I let you down. I turned away from you. Without your love and acceptance... I could have been where you are now. Love is the only thing we have to save us."

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