Friday, January 18

Drink Me

Current Obsession
: Korean Cinnamon Punch  (i have loved this stuff since it was served at my first korean restaurant, but recently found int in canned form. can NOT get enough of it)
Watching: Wallanger

This week has been a giant pool of "I hate my life" even though I haven't been having any actual problems. Arguing at home, not getting enough work done, being bored.
But still. There's this anger and sadness like murky lake water, soaking my insides and making my skin crawl. Nothing makes it go away and everything He does just makes it worse.

But after a crying spell I do feel better, though I wish I had something to munch on.
On that note, however, is the tiny little issue that I actually can work on: I'm gaining weight.

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not complaining about my weight. But I come from a family of overweight people, and I've always stayed thin without trying. But I'm terrified that once I gain too much, even just an extra 15 pounds, it'll be too late to go back. That's pretty much the way it was for everyone else. So the five or ten pounds I've gained in the past six months scares the crap out of me.

So I just got back from the store with $12 worth of fruits and veggies.
Wow, that doesn't sound like a lot when I write it down.
At the international store here, that's a lot. I got about a pound of different apples, two pounds of carrots, a beet, some tomatoes, pound or so of kale, some cucumber, some oranges and grapefruit, and some mangoes (that turned out to be bad).
See, $12 = awesome.
 Next trip will include grapes, pineapple, not-rotten mangoes, spinach, and whatever other veggies I think will go with those.

I'm thinking of a two-week-long juice (half)fast. Drinking juice for the first half of the day, and making my regular meals for dinner. Then, ideally, juice as a snack afterward, though that will start tomorrow since I'm eying the popcorn box.

I've had a juicer for a while, and tend to go on kicks with it, mostly for health or cheapness, but this time I'm doing it for weight, and to try to get my poor digestive system to calm the fuck down after a full two weeks of constant discomfort all over the place.
My favorite juice is apple-carrot, though I like adding Kale now for healthiness.

Check out these really wonderful looking recipes:

All About Juicing
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They're good, try it!

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