Monday, May 30


I am sorry to say that I have neglected this blog in favor of my Tumblr. It's just so random and geeky and easy to play with.

But here's some news:
--This month (June, that is) I start working with the people of Broken Frontier as a co-editor. No pay, but I think it's gonna be fun. And I'm going to learn so much about comics!
--I got my Dangerous Angels back, so Weetzie-focused blogs will return, I promise! It is, after all, the point.

...I'm probably still going to spend a lot of time on Tumblr. I'm sorry. I can't help it. So pretty.

Thursday, May 12

TiLt :: Running Hot & Cold

Things that made me happy this week...

Strawberry Cheesecake sno-balls 
Handwritten letters in chic cards 
Amelia Pond. -->
'nuf said 
My choppy short hair and all the short haired pics I've been finding
Tumblrs full of inspiration 
Planning picnics and get-aways 
Watching the teppanyaki chefs at my new job
Having spendable money in my pocket for the first time in MONTHS <33333

Tuesday, May 10


While exploring a few tumblrs full of short haircuts (ie; I wanted to leave a comment, so I made a tumblr account.

Probably not the best idea.

Now I have an actual tumblr.

oh gosh.

Wednesday, May 4

Selling Butterflies

For anyone who liked the images of my butterfly decor (if anybody, that is) I'm selling sets of origami butterflies on my Etsy Shop!

I think they're adorable and have been making them like crazy!
$5 gets you a set of 10, to do with whatever you'd like. If you need ideas, just let me know and I might even be able to get you the equipment to do it!

Check it out: Paper Butterfly Set

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