Wednesday, January 23

Muffins to the Rescue

I don't like to bake, it's just not my thing. It requires too much precision, makes a mess, and you can't just dive in without knowing what your doing.

The overall exception to this, however, is muffins. Once you have a basic idea of what you need, you can kind of add anything you want and it mostly works out. The worst outcome I've had while adapting a muffin recipe is that they came out too dense. But they still tasted fine and that's what matters.

So here is my overall recipe for Super Muffins, which I think Weetzie Bat would have loved as she got older, because they are healthy and packed full of good things, and can be as delicious or sweet as you want to make them.

I've only made these once, and the recipe is completely adjustable and customizable, but here's my basic idea, using a muffin base I found online. Once again, this is during my Juicing kick, so of course I'm using the fruit and veggie pulp that is leftover after I've juiced. This is mostly apple, carrot, beet, and orange, and sometimes kale that got mixed in. The obvious substitute for this would just be the same fruits and veggies chopped fine or (better yet) thrown in the food processor until ground nicely.
Again, I basically stole a Harvest Muffin style recipe as a base, and customized it. This is not vegan or vegetarian, obviously (older Weetzie is a vegetarian), but if you prefer either of these, I'm sure you know how to adapt it.

The Basics: Use your favorite muffin recipe (the one below is a little complicated, I think, but I'm goin for it) and add pie spices, nuts, oats, fruit pulp, and chopped dried fruit! So good and full of flavor!

Super Spiced Muffins

It has a lot of ingredients, but the wonderful simplicity that is muffins means that you pretty much throw all of this stuff into a bowl, then pour into tins and bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes. This is a big recipe, so you'll get a lot out of it.
I haven't tested out this exact recipe yet, but I'm doing it tonight or tomorrow, so I'll update when I do.

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