Tuesday, November 30


The past few weeks have been dull and empty.
Before Thanksgiving I was full of excitement.
Harry Potter was coming. Dan's birthday was coming. Thanksgiving was coming. The end of school was coming. Christmas was coming, for science's sake.
Everything was great and exciting.

But as the first few things came to pass, one after another, things weren't as pleasant and care-free as I'd originally thought they'd be, and life wasn't nearly as exciting.

Now I've been bored and lazy. The apartment is a mess and my novel still hasn't been edited.

And now I have the desperate urge to run and skate and dance and do anything. But none of the will to actually get the fuck up and do any of those things.

I want a life of beauty and love and...life! Why is it so hard for me to just get up and make these things myself?

What is holding me back?

Monday, November 22


Snack time!
Brie, pecorino, cranberry chevre, and pinot pink peppercorn salami.

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Beautiful Blogs :: don't forget the Post!

Sunday was Post Secret Day

every week, take a moment to stop by.
every part of life;
are all represented there in shining blunt beautiful reality.


don't forget.

Thursday, November 18

as Light

I will be thin and pure like a glass cup. Empty. Pure as light. Music.
-Hanged Man

Tuesday, November 16

Hush, Lions! (Songs I Love #2)

Lions Roar
By:: The Hush Sound

The lions roar and young men soar

The flames all scorch the circus floor
Puppets on string all dance and sing and flap their wings
Trumpets play sick lullabies

Delicate dame her fragile face
Was scared away without a trace
Out in the cold, where did she go?
Into unknown a place I'll never

Know and the desperate search began
All across this sea and land
I just knew I'd find you here
I just knew I'd find you

Elephants rear and young men steer
The audience just claps and cheers
I asked around half empty towns
About a girl nowhere to be found

And the desperate search began
All across this sea and land
I just knew I'd find you here
I just knew I'd find you

We didn't know, we could not go
The circus songs just carried on
Out of the crowd three men rush out
And scream and shout, "Everybody Stop!" 

Sunday, November 14

Obsession, So What

Finding that Sailor Moon picture a while back led me on a new obsession of finding Sailor Moon images and cute things. I remember seeing this one a long time ago and I still love it!

They're so beautiful together, so glamorous, and seem so cute and adorable and...airy? So pretty.

When Kaylee and Leelu (rarely) squeeze into bed between us I sometimes feel cuddly and warm, the way they look. <3

Discovering the site with all these, I now have a Sailor Moon background, as well as a ringtone and other SM goodies.

On that note, my other favorite anime/manga/other is Nana, which is now littering my desktop as well. In both a comic, anime, and two full-length movies, Nana is an amazing story about two girls named Nana. One an adorable post grad looking for work and love, the other a bad-ass up and coming rock star.

I love browsing Nana dedicated websites every now and then.If there was any other fictional world I'd love to live in, like the FLB books, it'd be the world of Nana.

Saturday, November 13

Beautiful Blogs :: simply breakfast

I have a stomach-y condition that keeps me from really eating breakfast. Sometimes I can, but usually anything starchy, sweet, or breaded before 11 am makes my stomach go all gurgle-y.

That said, I LOVE breakfast foods.
Especially the way it tends to look.

And it seems like Jen Causey at simply breakfast has a similar (and more productive) appreciation for the most important meal of the day. Only her love produces this fantastic photo blog that I love to scroll through every now and then.

So yummy looking!
And they're all great inspiration for future meals, breakfast or otherwise! Check out this one, sliced Avocado on toast with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Doesn't seem like breakfast, but I bet it's awesome.

Friday, November 12

Beautiful Sailor

I grew up adoring Sailor Moon (still do...).
My favorite pictures were always the original manga-style, painted-looking ones, with light colors and a hazy, wispy look. Like this one.

So pretty and very....just...romantic looking. 

Just wanted to share...

Thursday, November 11

Wednesday, November 10

Warm Me Up

I love this song. I haven't been able to hear much of Sia's other stuff, but this song is so beautiful, and the piano music is so ...epic.

Tuesday, November 9

Toasty Beans Anyone?

Currently Watching:: Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate

I don't want anything more
Than to see your face when you open the door
You'll make me beans on toast and a nice cup of tea
And we'll get a Chinese and watch TV
- Lily Allen

I have a fascination with foreign foods. Especially ones I haven't tried yet. For some reason, Beans on Toast is still on this list. 

A basic British staple consisting of baked beans on a slice of buttered toast, I think if Weetzie and her friends were from Great Britain, they would eat this all the time.
It's even vegetarian-able, since the authentic British beans are in plain tomato sauce (no porky-stuffs like in the US), and this is very Weetzie too ^-6

I'm pretty sure Super G Mart here now sells the correct, "British" Heinz baked beans, but for some reason I've never stopped and grabbed some.
Definitely going to correct this next time I'm there.

I keep stumbling on this small website dedicated to Beans on Toast and it always makes me want some...

Then, of course, my favorite food forum, Chowhound, has a thread about Beans on Toast, which is a great place to get ideas.

I love the idea that it's a completely customizable, like this one with (what looks like) pancetta or prosciutto and a lightly fried egg with a slightly runny yolk.

I imagine an equally awesome would be a couple dashes of hot sauce, maybe Worcestershire sauce, and some bacon, plus the egg! Double mmm...

Monday, November 8

Beauty Treat

Today feels like a cupcake day, doesn't it?

I'm kind of dying to try making these rainbow cupcakes, just so pretty and wonderful.Vanilla cupcakes just sound like such an awesome idea right now!

But...I'm too lazy to bake.
So someone should make some for me...

Sunday, November 7

Hush, The Lighthouse (Songs I Love #1)

By:: The Hush Sound

Take what you need while there's time
The city will be earth in a short while
If I'm not mistaken it's been in flames
You and I will escape to the seaside

There is a storm in the distance
The wind breathing warning of its imminence
There is a lighthouse five hundred yards down
You and I will be safe there

There is a girl who haunts that lighthouse
She saved me, I was swimming
So young I almost drowned
Under the water she sang a story
Of losing her lover
She calls a warning

Love, you are foolish, you're tired
Your sleeplessness makes you a liar
The city is burning
The ocean is turning
Our only chance is the lighthouse

Her lover was a sailor
She went and she waited there
The door locked from the outside
Lover never arrived so she sings there
Soft as a siren luring the ships off their course, how alarming

We went in, we climbed up and looked out
The door locked from the outside
Three ghosts in a lighthouse 

Saturday, November 6

A Few of My...

I haven't spent large amounts of time on surveys since high school, but I found this one on a FLB forum and decided to take a minute to list my favorite things:

what city do you live in - Greensboro, NC

what city would you like to live in - NYC, Sangri-LA

a color you like to wear - Black, Brown, Grey, Blue

a flower you would like to grow in your garden- lilies, lavender, pink or white roses

a smell that makes you pause - vanilla, pumpkin spice, apple/cinnamon

a taste that makes you melt - vanilla, pumpkin spice, Ethiopian Tea...

your favorite meal - salad, seafood, sushi, Ethiopian, anything with lots of veggies and garlic! 

an author who has affected you - FLB and Jacqueline Carey

the magazine you read most frequently - none really, i like cooking magazines and I like to flip through anything with pictures of food and home decorating (and sometimes fashion).

music you prefer to listen to when you are alone - When I'm alone? Showtunes.

the film you could watch over and over - Pride & Prejudice, The Secretary, Coraline

a piece of clothing you love to wear - any boots with skinny jeans and a fluffy coat. Or boots with a whimsical sun dress.

your favorite time of day - Mornings when I've gotten enough sleep and have somewhere to curl up with tea.

things you like to buy - books, food, shoes...

you collect - books, boots, i used to collect Bento Boxes, but not anymore...

your strangest possession - a Sailor Moon alarm clock. 

your prized possession - Not really sure. My newly finished (1st draft) manuscript, maybe. And my puppies. There's nothing else I couldn't live without. 

what delights you - candles, sometimes flowers (pretty, simple, maybe exotic flowers) amazing food, beautiful things, strong gusts of wind on a sunny day. Oh, and anything created by Joss Whedon.

who inspires you - Francesca Lia Block, a lot of actress/advocates like Angelina Jolie

what inspires you - mostly nature and beautiful or epic books

a song that has affected you - Breathe Me by Sia

you love - My partner and our puppies, writing, reading, wandering, cooking, eating, exploring, traveling

the contents of your purse - Right now I'm carrying a wallet only, which has my IDs and cards, including a Red Mango rewards card, as well as coupons from Target and some cash.

things to do before you die - get published, travel the world, eat every kind of food that exists.

Thursday, November 4

Beautiful Little Things

I just found the most amazing little e-shop.

Wish Upon A Star (or Space Pearls, I'm not sure which is the right name) is an adorable online shop selling wonderfully beautiful necklaces, lockets earrings, rings, and other jewelry-like lovelies.

I particularly like this Briar Rose ring, as well as the Steampunk charm, Beauty & The Beast rose Vile, and all the adorable Harry Potter and Wonderland pieces.

Everything is so pretty and even the prices are good overall.

(We'll just pretend the Twi****t stuff isn't actually there..>.>....)

I'm totally buying myself a few odds and ends after the christmas season is over and i have some money again....

Wednesday, November 3

Eating With Weetzie #1

Book:: Echo
Food:: Spinach Lasagna

"'Her cooking!" My father says. 'Her cooking is the cooking of a seraphim!'
She makes tamale pies, spinach lasagna, Indian saffron curries... each one in minutes and with out ever glancing at a recipe."

I've only made lasagna twice in my life, and I've never read a recipe. I've glanced through WikiHow instructions on how prepare lasagna, but never actually paid attention to what was in it. 
So here I won't bother to give a real recipe for this one, since I can't really remember the details. I think this is a great meal for experimentation.

Here's what I had:
Fresh Basil
Leftover Tomato Sauce
Ricotta Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Lasagna Noodles
Italian Seasonings

I then followed the basic instructions of quick Lasagna:
Make sauce,
Boil Noodles,
Mix Cheese (ricotta, moz, little cottage, and Italian Seasonings),
Top with Mozzerella,

I added spinach to everything, the sauce, the cheese, and layered on between the layers (pictured above, to the right, under ingredients.) I LOVE cheese so I used lots and lots.
Overall the meal came out good, although the sauce was a little watery and the spinach was a little strong.
In retrospect, I think this would be much much better as a white lasagna, using a cream or alfredo sauce (homemade or bought) instead of red sauce. Will definitely do that next time.

Leaping Lizards!

I finished my book.

That is all.


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