Wednesday, January 30

Quiet Days Waiting for the Storm.

It's one of those days where I don't even want the tv on.
I think about love and loss and just sit in the quiet.

I watched Incendiary today, because it was on netflix and had a cast trio that could break my heart. And it kind of did.
The plot is mostly about a woman whose child dies, but with dramatic, romantic, sad side plots. I don't even want/like kids, but it was so emotional that I still fell into it, and it was the quiet loneliness of the movie that really got to me, plus the lovely heartache that is Ewan McGregor in love.
It has left me in a mood to sit outside and read and sip cinnamon tea and wait for the coming storms.

On a side, slightly related note; the fact that I don't want children is a silent, gaping hole in my relationship, because He does, so it probably wasn't tactful of me to, offhand, mention that I'd definitely have Ewan McGregor's babies.

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