Friday, May 7


Thursday, May 6


We got the apartment, and we so look forward to the swanky new lifestyle the overpriced place offers.

We just have to get through another month here.
I want to start packing but it feels useless so early.

3 exams, 3 days. Maybe I don't have time to be thinking about this...

Just Because


Tuesday, May 4

I Imagine

I imagine a FLB character to look like this.
Right colors
Right attitude
Right locale
Right feeling

Maybe La grown up.
Or Laurel or Cherokee going through a phase...

I'd like to be her.

Monday, May 3


We have the opportunity to move into a really nice apartment.
Smaller but nicer and prettier with a pool and a "clubhouse" and free coffee and wifi in a good location. In a word; expensive.

But to move in June would mean paying rent on both the house and the new apartment for two full months, and even though it's possible we could afford makes me so very very depressed to think of myself wasting money like that... Plus the fact that it would make us very very broke.
I wish I could find someone to move into the house until August.
If it were fall, it would be fine, but June....

I want it.
And I want to be out of here.
But is it more than it's worth?

Memories Keep You Here

Saturday, May 1


Time Traveler's Wife (movie)
Beautiful? Yes.
Depressing? Yes. (sorry if i spoiled it)
Loved it? I'm....really...not sure....

The day has been windy and warm and beautiful, and now it's cloudy and windy and beautiful.
I should be skating
but instead I'm wondering around the house
wishing I had something beautiful to do...

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