Thursday, February 24

TiLT :: Sunsets in International Waters

Things I've Loved This Week
(or last week, on vacation)

Crisp, sweet, refreshing coconut water over ice & Cuddles with puppies when we finally got home & Watching old shows about ghosts and spooky things & Beachwear souvenirs from Key West & Planning my new apartment!!! & Sweet and bubbly local Bahamian soda Goombay Punch & Sitting around in the hot tub and watching the sea go by & Sipping Pina Coladas while strolling through beautiful Key West & Forcing Dan to sip his first Cafe con Leche and watching him want more! & Conch Fritters out of a truck for both breakfast AND dinner & Sitting on a pier at the very bottom tip of the Florida continent 
& Beautiful sunsets in the middle of the ocean that remind you of that life can be wonderful.

Wednesday, February 23

Coconut Smoothies and a lot of TV

Nowadays, I drink Coconut Water (Goya's canned Unsweetened Coconut Water to be specific-- I don't like soaked bits of coconut meat in my drinks...) more than I drink regular water. Which, really, isn't much at all, because it's like $1.90 a can, and I drink them really fast, and I really never drink water. But either way, I love them. So refreshing and delicious, not too sweet, and so wonderful and healthy.

But since I got back from the amazingawesomefoodfilledcruiseVacation, I've been sick with the flu, bed-ridden with cramps, and I've wanted a little 
something extra. 

Enter my poor over-used blender and a randomly thought up coconut smoothie.

Think a pina colada sans the pina, or a coconut daiquiri sans the rum.
Easy peasy to make too:
1/2 can Coconut Milk (which is basically pureed coconut meat, used a lot in cooking)
1/2 can Coconut Water (I used my Unsweetened Goya stuff, I keep it on hand cause it doesn't have bits of coconut in it, but if you have that stuff instead, it should be fine)
1/2 cup sugar (simple syrup is really best, so if you have some, use it; i'm just too lazy to make it)
Enough Ice to fill the blender about half way

Pile it all in and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!
Use more or less sugar to adjust how you'd like it, I like it not too sweet because it makes me feel healthier but you can do it however you'd like.

Add a straw, a fruity garnish if you'd like, and enjoy the amazing tropical goodness!
Now if only I could stop watching the damned television and dooo something!

Thursday, February 10

Things I Love Thursday

Wonderful things this week...

Planning amazing vacations.     Can't. Stop. Researching. Bahamas. Can't. Wait. To Be. There.

Pre-Vacation Shopping.     I had to resist the urge to buy several adorable beach dresses, as well as a tiny rainbow umbrella and an adorable pair of island-ready flats. I did, however, give in to a tiny, sparkling zebra patterned clip wallet and an adorable pair of Liz & Co. sunglasses.

Finding new inspirational women.     Discovered Tura Satana the other day. Caught a late night showing of Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill! like a year or two ago, and of course it was awesomely bad and wonderful, but then you read about Satana and all the things she lived through and did, and it's amazing.

Big, adorable headphones with crazy cute outfits.     I love my bright pink and black peace sign headphones. They're big and shiny and beautiful, and I love the way they look with an adorable outfit. Especially on train rides and sitting in the park (if I ever did that).

This song.     I posted this music video hear a few months ago when I discovered the song, but I re-discovered it last night, and have NOT been able to stop listening to it. I listened to Perri's EP, and can't wait for her full album to come out!

Returning to my novel.   I wrote a 30-day novel back in October, but when I finished it I took my time editing it. Then, after a heart-breaking incident with my life-line (AKA my SD card), I lost pretty much everything except half of my original manuscript and a printed version of it (with notes and some edits). I spent a looong time wanted to work on it, but the work involved was crazy intimidating. Now I've picked up the pages and started typing everything back where it belongs, editing and rearranging as I go. It's so liberating and I feel so productive and creative!

And, just because I'm in a good mood...
"Little Things That Made Me Smile":

Candle-lit evenings & Conversations about faerie gardens & Bits of creamy Gorgonzola and sweet red wine & Classic snapshots of nature & Sending my novel to friends, chapter by chapter & Early valentine presents & Dan being wonderfully comforting in my pre-cruise hysteria & Soft kisses & Sweet, bubbly deliciousness of sparkling grape juice & Super spicy delicious Spicy Tuna bowls & Fantasizing about lounging on a perfect Bahamian beach.

Tuesday, February 8

Lovely Lovely :: A Short Story in Images

Step One:
follow the following steps

Step Two:
always remember...

Step Three:
when in doubt....

Photos found at Miss Indie-- which might just be an upcoming Beautiful Blog...

Saturday, February 5

"Other boys were happy enough to enjoy the show, they just wanted to be entertained in the body's shadow theater. But Michael had to come backstage. He went down into the mines, into the dark, and brought up the gold, your new self, a better self." 
-Janet Fitch, Paint it Black

Friday, February 4

can't help it....

I know this blog isn't a Tumblr, so it really shouldn't be random. But I love this thing and can't help it.

Thursday, February 3

TiLt -- New Years!

Things I Love Thursday
Year of the Rabbit

Happy Year of the Rabbit!!

Today, I'm loving very few things, but they're all delightful anyway.

Roast duck at dingy but authentic Chinese restaurants-- bringing luck in the new year. & Soothing hot tea like liquid comfort & TrimStep shoes that let me feel productive even when I'm walking the dogs & How I Met Your Mother-- i can't stop watching!!  
&  Leggings and short shorts &  Smooth, silky straight hair and smoky eyes & Cuddles with puppies & Drinking with friends & Planing amazing trips-- like the bahaaaamaamas in 8 days!
& Being wrapped up on the couch while the icy wind blows outside & Dirty dreams that make you want to sleep in & Ice cold, refreshing Coconut Water & Beautiful, romantic movies & Beautiful books -- just got Paint It Black in the mail! & Stretches that make your joints crack but your body breeeeaaathe & Lit candles everywhere & Layered outfits of thick socks, cozy shirts, mini shorts, and long coats.  

Have a great new year!

Tuesday, February 1

beautiful musical irony

While out for a [cheap] bottle of wine, this song came on the radio, and I immediately smiled and said "ooo i love this song..." and we contemplated who it's by. Three hours later I'm stumbling through a few new blogs and ta-da! A music video that sounds surprisingly similar! And thus I discovered Owl City, now to be my next CD that plays over and over in my car. An adorable, loveable voice mixed with beautiful melodies and lyrics. 
I'm in love.

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