Sunday, January 20

Testing a Diet

Day Two of my Juice (half)fast.
So far, so good.
Day 1 was definitely a little weird. I spent the day drinking apple, carrot, and beet juice most of the time, particularly for breakfast, with some kale usually, with a Salad Juice for lunch today and yesterday (leafy greens, tomato, cucumber, lime, garlic, dash of salt). For snacks I drank small cups of apple, carrot, orange, & beet.

If you don't care at all about my "diet" attempts, feel free to skip this post. I'm making new labels/tags-- Dear Diary & Diet-- for all of these personal things, which I don't think is interesting to anyone but I'd like to keep track of it.

Rest of my so-far-success after the break.

 I've made everything easy for myself by pre-washing and cutting almost all of my fruits and veggies, so it only takes me a minute to make a juice. Cleaning up afterwards is the most work; taking the time to rinse the juicer-- which needs to be done immediately or the food bits dry and stick.

Afterwards, the fiber bits that my juicer doesn't process get thrown into the freezer. Fruit bits for Super Muffins tomorrow (grown-up Weetzie would approve), Veggie bits for pasta sauce in the near future. Thus I waste as little as possible.
I'm actually thinking of a Weetzie-related series of juices; one for everybody (except Duck and Dirk...I have no idea for them....). Will post later.


When my juice day was over, we had spicy tuna hand-rolls for dinner, and treated ourselves to a shared cupcake and fro-yo at a new place before going to see Les Mis (underwhelming, honestly...).

Unfortunately, a day without actual food left me trembling in the afternoon, with a migraine by nightfall. Thanks to the headache I downed a cappuccino and a soda as I tried to get rid of it, so fail there. But hopefully I'm not messing up the adjustment by eating at night; i've no idea how that will work.
BUT! I did notice an extreme LACK of stomach problems all of yesterday. I woke up a little bloated today-- probably from the salt and carbs of my dinner, and the sugar from dessert.

I'm no good at diets, so my theory is that if I limit my bad food intake by drinking fruit and veggie drinks during the day when I'm alone (versus constantly eating rice and onion rings and candy and popcorn), then allow myself to eat (almost) regular food when I'm not alone at night, I'm still lowering my caloric intake while eating more vitamins and minerals than usual, but not starving myself. And allowing myself to eat (almost) whatever I want at night keeps most of the cravings I have at bay.
And once I get tired of juice (which will probably be in a day or two) I'll get salad stuff, and have juice for breakfast and snacks, and eat salads with protein for lunch.

See: variety and lack-of-denying-myself are my way of pushing myself through this. I really want to get these digestive issues out of the way, and the tiny bit of weight I want to lose is extra incentive.

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