Tuesday, October 26

Faery Wonderland

Amy Brown was my favorite artist in high school. Everything she does is so beautiful.

Monday, October 25

She & Him

If anybody in the world is as whimsical, beautiful, and wonderful as a FLB book, it'd be Zooey Deschanel.

Sunday, October 24

Teeny Clip 1 :: Affair?

“I don’t know how serious your relationship with her was, but I swear, swear, swear that I’m trying to help her. You don’t know me and don’t have any reason to trust me, but if I’m lying you can…I don’t know, call the cops and have me arrested. I really, really need your help. I’ve been trying to piece together her last week, but I can’t find any information about her anywhere. I talked to the owner where she worked but as soon as I got more personal he started clamming up. I know she met with you, and I’m pretty sure she kissed you, and I’m pretty sure she had feelings for you, but other than that, I’m lost.”

            I leaned forward in my seat, my hands raised in a begging motion, my eyes pleading. Brooke continued to glare, now leaning back in his chair as my words died out in the crisp air of the room. With a sigh he leaned back onto the desk, his face a mixture of loss and determination.

            “How did you know?” he asked, his voice soft.

            “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

Monday, October 18

Clip #3 :: Chai Numminess

             “So, let’s say I believe you.” She said, leaning her body completely against the table. “Which, you know, I really shouldn’t. It would be ridiculous if I did. But let’s just say I do.”
            I watched her for a moment and set the table. We sat together, mugs and a pot of steaming chai between us. Natalie lifted hers, sniffing at it. Her nose scrunched up as she took a noisy sip.
            Her brows furrowed together.
            “That’s really good.”
            I raised one eyebrow.
            “Are you surprised?”
            She shrugged.
            “I don’t like tea.”
            I smiled.
            “It’s chai. It’s better than normal tea.”
            She took a deep breath and pushed her chair back.
            “I have to go. I’m not supposed to be here.”
            “What are you going to do?”
            “About what?”
            I shrugged.
            “Thalia Valdez.”
            She looked back at the painting and took a deep breath.
            “What can I do? Tell my boss you had a dream that might tell us something about the case that might  help us figure something out? I mean, even if I did believe you, how does that help? You’ve been seeing this stuff, but what about it would actually help? Have you seen the attacker? His face?”
            I could feel my expression fall.

Friday, October 15


--Found on my new favorite Inspiration site: http://www.writespell.com
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Wednesday, October 13


“Please…” I whimper again, squeezing my eyes shut against the light.
Fingers pry my eyes open and I’m forced to look up into the unnaturally blue eyes smiling behind that shining, white mask.
“Ssssh…” he says, pressing his fingers into my forehead. “We’re only just beginning. I want to see what’s under your skin.”
 As the knife slides under the skin of my stomach I let out a shrill scream again and fall back into darkness.

Tuesday, October 5

Clip #1 :: Thriller?

As she lifted one foot to begin down the steps, the door behind her opened with a crack. Before she could turn her head towards the noise, fingers wrapped tight around her head. One cold hand clasped over her forehead, pulling her backwards. The world around her slowed and was suddenly dimmer, a deep, buzzing noise filling her ears. As she took a breath to scream, thin, long fingers slapped over her mouth, nails digging into the flesh of her cheek. The noise that came out of her mouth was gurgled and quiet, barely making it past the barrier. As she began to fall backwards, her wet, pleading eyes watched the clouds above her, and she wondered with a vague sense of emptiness if that was the last time she’d ever see them. Then she was yanked back into the darkness of the empty hallway.
-from Chapter 3

((remember, this is Draft 1:: not very good, but the foundation for something fun later))
Copyright Cyn Marts

Monday, October 4

Kidnapped, no, but yet...

Watching: Castle
Ingesting: Cinnamon & Ginger tea
Reading: On Writing :: Stephen King

I've been away for quite a while, and holy shit how much better my life is now, I can't even explain it.
I'm out of the horrible house situation I was stuck in, I'm completely out of the obnoxiously persistent past issues that were bringing down my life, I have a job (crappy, but money-producing), and things are slowly but surely seeming to grow up and get set!

The biggest thing that will be of substance to this blog is that I am currently (just started) writing a novel this month. Yup, just this month. In the style of NaNoWriMo, I am spending the entire month of October writing the first draft of a novel from start to finish.
This means I have to write 1,613 words every day to get to my goal of 50,000 by the end. *deep breath* this is monumental and possibly impossible.
I was doing okay at first, not happy with what was coming out all the time, but determined to keep going and fix things later, but then some unpleasant computer failure Saturday night dropped me back about a thousand words, and now I'm still about two thousand behind.

But I will continue onward!

If at all interested in my progress (which I doubt anyone is, but you never know), I'll mostly be putting status updates on Twitter when they're interesting. And I'll possibly leave clips and phrases on here when I'm particularly proud or interested in them.
Also, I'm thinking about signing up for the official NaNoWriMo next month, if I don't go crazy doing it this month, so if anyone's interested in being writing/support buddies through it, let me know!

Anyway, just thought I'd stop in, say hello, and wish myself luck ^-^


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