Friday, December 31

New Year Shoes

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I wish....
New Years parties mean New Years Outfits, which always seems to be a big deal for me-- even though I rarely do anything for NYE.

 Last year we went to a local bar/club for a funky concert. Outfit consisted of a sexy sleeveless turtleneck top with holes in the front and back and a silvery chain necklace attached, tight jeans, and cute pumps. I always seem to get New Years worthy tops for christmas, and luckily this year kept the trend, with a cute flowy, flowery black tank top.

This year, even though we're both working dinner tonight and breakfast/lunch tomorrow, we're stopping by a co-worker's house for just long enough to sip champagne and fit a dance or two in, and share some rum-chocolate coated pretzels I'm cooking up.

As for tonights outfit, my plan is the flowery tank with black leggings, super short black shorts (leftover from my sadly short Derby stint last spring) and Happy New Year necklaces I got from Target for a dollar. The problem lies in the shoes....
These are my choices ::
<--- Cute and stylish (the stripey cozy socks are a must, I'm sorry.)

Or Punky and Practical. These are cute (give a sort of rugged adorableness to the outfit) and I can wear them to work, with is a big advantage.--->

Hmmm...decisions decisions.

Have a Happy New Year!!!

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