Wednesday, December 22

Dancing with Myself

Today's How To Be Happy Event :: Dance. 

If you're like me, you love to dance, but haven't gone crazy and danced alone in your room in years.
Big mistake.
Having discovered a new favorite music wonder (Bitter:Sweet), some of the songs are so jazzy and smooth that I had such a sensation to move!
So while Dan was out I did just that.
With the pups following me timidly around the living room, I spun and jumped and shook and shimmied to the jazzy beats for a full hour. 

I always keep myself from dancing around like that because I have this internal bleeeeh mode that says "No, don't do it, it'll just feel embarrassing, even with nobody around. You'll just feel stupid." 
You might have a similar voice in your head sometimes about things you want to do (alone) but convince yourself against.
Don't listen to that voice!

No matter how silly I danced, I felt so active and fun and liberated and free!
I cleared my head of all my negative thoughts and just jumped into the beat.
With the freezing weather outside, I'm hoping I'll be able to pull myself off the couch and dance around the living room far more often.

Today's (other) How To Be Happy :: Watch anything with Carey Grant or Marilyn Monroe.  

Did I mention? Netflix is a wonderful thing. I just started this movie, and I love that "Loco" got a whole meal with her single quarter. And that they sell the furniture in their uber class furnished apartment to fund everything in their plan.

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