Saturday, January 1


I never really go for resolution season.
I might say I'll go to the gym more or be less lazy or quit doing things that are bad for me (junk food, late nights, etc), but I'm pretty average about giving up a few weeks into the new year.

But this year my resolutions aren't about giving things up or forcing myself to do anything. Instead, they are about making my life better for me. About making me happier. And about being better all together.

I think this is a great thing to put in my Bible, showing what my primary goals are for my life (to be happy, duh!) in simple, practical ways.

I also made a list (below) of more vague things I want to happen in the 2011 year. Because those desires are what ultimately fuel what I will and won't do, so they're important to keep track of.
I don't think it's finished, but I still have five hours left in the day to think about it.

Again, Happy New Year.
Let's make Two Thousand and Eleven a beautiful year.

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