Monday, December 20

Be Like Weetzie Bat

Way to Be Like Weetzie, 
Number Six :: Be Adventurous

A Few Simple Ways to be Adventurous Every Day
~ Try something different. Whether its a new kind of food, music, or movie, just try something new!
~Say hello. Smile more at strangers and say hello to people you don't know. You don't have to have a conversation, just greet them. You'd be surprised at how much it boosts your confidence and willingness to meet new people.
~Make plans to do something crazy, even if you aren't really going to do it. Make lists of places you'd want to go on a road trip, or the things you'd do in the Bahamas. 
~Take pictures of things around you that excite you or make you feel adventurous (water slides, fields of flowers, the view from a ferris wheel, hot guys/girls?)
~Search your city for a small adventure, whether it's a local museum you've never been to, a hike, or a picnic in the park.
~Don't be afraid to say "Yes" more often!

"...choose to believe in your own myth 
your own glamour 
your own spell 
a young woman who does this 
(even if she is just pretending) 
has everything...."

Recommended Links/Inspiration::

I don't know about happily ever after… but I know about happily, Weetzie Bat thought..
~ Weetzie p102

 Recommended Book: Kushiel's Dart
-This could actually be a lot of books, but out of my own library, I think this one captures the idea of adventure really really well. Love and sex and beauty and adventure. Beautiful and very epic.

"Sometimes she has imagined what it would be like to fly, to live in the river, to run like a horse. She has dreamed of that freedom, that power, and fears the wildness in herself that wants to live as beasts live, moved purely by need and desire. She has felt torn between the heat of her limbs and the thoughts in her mind telling her to be careful and good and always calm. "

Recommended Movie:  Princess Bride
You can't go wrong with the  fencing, romance, silly puns, and  the Dread Pirate Roberts.  

"Love is a dangerous angel."

Never be afraid of adventure.
Think of Witch Baby, traveling across the country to find the man she loved (except, in your life, travel across the country for yourself, not someone else).

"Magic can be found in stolen moments." 

Note: All quotes are from various FLB books.

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