Wednesday, June 6

Dreadfully Busy

Why I'm busy/behind this month:

Currently trying to...
Get into grad school (which I can't afford)
Publish a Sci-Fi novel (which I just now completed)
Get a part-time job for the summer (which I really don't want to do because I'm lazy)
Stop being depressed
Read a LOT (currently reading It and a teen thriller called Envy)

Unfortunately, this leaves little time to really write on here, because all my free time is taken up by being super lazy, playing Diablo 3, or taking naps. Or eating. Crap I'm eating a lot right now. I'm going to gain weight again. *sigh*

I haven't disappeared though, I'm still working on things for here, if anyone's interested.


  1. We're interested!

  2. What do you want to go to grad school for? (PS I couldn't afford it either so I had to take out HUGE loans!)

  3. I'm looking to go for Creative Writing, with the plans of teaching it in college levels.
    And yeah, it looks like I'm going to be taking out at least 30k in loans, which is almost as much as I did for five years of undergrad....but it's taking on a Fuck It Lets Do It kind of quality, like "Well, i already owe 60k with the interest, why not bring it up to 100k. I'm never gonna pay it off anyway..."
    But I think I really do want to be a writing teacher, so maaaaybe it'll be worth it?



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