Wednesday, November 3

Eating With Weetzie #1

Book:: Echo
Food:: Spinach Lasagna

"'Her cooking!" My father says. 'Her cooking is the cooking of a seraphim!'
She makes tamale pies, spinach lasagna, Indian saffron curries... each one in minutes and with out ever glancing at a recipe."

I've only made lasagna twice in my life, and I've never read a recipe. I've glanced through WikiHow instructions on how prepare lasagna, but never actually paid attention to what was in it. 
So here I won't bother to give a real recipe for this one, since I can't really remember the details. I think this is a great meal for experimentation.

Here's what I had:
Fresh Basil
Leftover Tomato Sauce
Ricotta Cheese
Cottage Cheese
Lasagna Noodles
Italian Seasonings

I then followed the basic instructions of quick Lasagna:
Make sauce,
Boil Noodles,
Mix Cheese (ricotta, moz, little cottage, and Italian Seasonings),
Top with Mozzerella,

I added spinach to everything, the sauce, the cheese, and layered on between the layers (pictured above, to the right, under ingredients.) I LOVE cheese so I used lots and lots.
Overall the meal came out good, although the sauce was a little watery and the spinach was a little strong.
In retrospect, I think this would be much much better as a white lasagna, using a cream or alfredo sauce (homemade or bought) instead of red sauce. Will definitely do that next time.

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