Thursday, November 4

Beautiful Little Things

I just found the most amazing little e-shop.

Wish Upon A Star (or Space Pearls, I'm not sure which is the right name) is an adorable online shop selling wonderfully beautiful necklaces, lockets earrings, rings, and other jewelry-like lovelies.

I particularly like this Briar Rose ring, as well as the Steampunk charm, Beauty & The Beast rose Vile, and all the adorable Harry Potter and Wonderland pieces.

Everything is so pretty and even the prices are good overall.

(We'll just pretend the Twi****t stuff isn't actually there..>.>....)

I'm totally buying myself a few odds and ends after the christmas season is over and i have some money again....

1 comment:

  1. I love how everything is subtley geeky--how charming!


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