Sunday, November 14

Obsession, So What

Finding that Sailor Moon picture a while back led me on a new obsession of finding Sailor Moon images and cute things. I remember seeing this one a long time ago and I still love it!

They're so beautiful together, so glamorous, and seem so cute and adorable and...airy? So pretty.

When Kaylee and Leelu (rarely) squeeze into bed between us I sometimes feel cuddly and warm, the way they look. <3

Discovering the site with all these, I now have a Sailor Moon background, as well as a ringtone and other SM goodies.

On that note, my other favorite anime/manga/other is Nana, which is now littering my desktop as well. In both a comic, anime, and two full-length movies, Nana is an amazing story about two girls named Nana. One an adorable post grad looking for work and love, the other a bad-ass up and coming rock star.

I love browsing Nana dedicated websites every now and then.If there was any other fictional world I'd love to live in, like the FLB books, it'd be the world of Nana.

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