Saturday, November 6

A Few of My...

I haven't spent large amounts of time on surveys since high school, but I found this one on a FLB forum and decided to take a minute to list my favorite things:

what city do you live in - Greensboro, NC

what city would you like to live in - NYC, Sangri-LA

a color you like to wear - Black, Brown, Grey, Blue

a flower you would like to grow in your garden- lilies, lavender, pink or white roses

a smell that makes you pause - vanilla, pumpkin spice, apple/cinnamon

a taste that makes you melt - vanilla, pumpkin spice, Ethiopian Tea...

your favorite meal - salad, seafood, sushi, Ethiopian, anything with lots of veggies and garlic! 

an author who has affected you - FLB and Jacqueline Carey

the magazine you read most frequently - none really, i like cooking magazines and I like to flip through anything with pictures of food and home decorating (and sometimes fashion).

music you prefer to listen to when you are alone - When I'm alone? Showtunes.

the film you could watch over and over - Pride & Prejudice, The Secretary, Coraline

a piece of clothing you love to wear - any boots with skinny jeans and a fluffy coat. Or boots with a whimsical sun dress.

your favorite time of day - Mornings when I've gotten enough sleep and have somewhere to curl up with tea.

things you like to buy - books, food, shoes...

you collect - books, boots, i used to collect Bento Boxes, but not anymore...

your strangest possession - a Sailor Moon alarm clock. 

your prized possession - Not really sure. My newly finished (1st draft) manuscript, maybe. And my puppies. There's nothing else I couldn't live without. 

what delights you - candles, sometimes flowers (pretty, simple, maybe exotic flowers) amazing food, beautiful things, strong gusts of wind on a sunny day. Oh, and anything created by Joss Whedon.

who inspires you - Francesca Lia Block, a lot of actress/advocates like Angelina Jolie

what inspires you - mostly nature and beautiful or epic books

a song that has affected you - Breathe Me by Sia

you love - My partner and our puppies, writing, reading, wandering, cooking, eating, exploring, traveling

the contents of your purse - Right now I'm carrying a wallet only, which has my IDs and cards, including a Red Mango rewards card, as well as coupons from Target and some cash.

things to do before you die - get published, travel the world, eat every kind of food that exists.

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