Tuesday, January 4

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I don't remember how I stumbled onto The Little Bukowski, but I wish I did, so I could repeat it with variance and find something as pretty and interesting and inspirational.

I find Little Bukowski to be light, airy, and whimsical, yet still grounded in the real world somehow. She talks about her life and the world around her. Her writing, even when it's about simple, mundane things, is pretty and sometimes even poetic.
She is really pretty, and has amazing tattoos and an adorable dog. Not to mention amazing photos with every post, usually of her, her pup, or her (past) roommates.

when the clouds come rolling in and hover quietly above my little house, i can feel their weight in my bones and it takes all the strength in the world to lift my body from bed. that's what today felt like. and it made me remember how much i used to loved calling out sick just to stay home and listen to good music. i'd waste away in bed and day dream about fancy things.
-from blog post Castles in the Air 

I draw inspiration from the images of the world around her. The rooms of her home, decorated in beautiful neutrals and pinks, everything frilly and comforting. Even her bathroom is beautiful, a vast mirror and adorable clothes-things hanging from the wall, almost like decorations themselves. 

I feel like i'm watching a polaroid slowly develop...like i'm holding an corner of my life and gently fanning it from coagulated liquid film into sharper images.
-from post Slowly Moving Alkaline

With every new blog I stumble onto I become more and more inspired (while, at the same time, feeling more and more bleh about my own life and how lazy I am) and as I continue to find things that I read and love, I continue to dabble in my RLS Bible, and little by little try to add to my life.

This week I'm writing: as much as possible. My manager at the restaurant apparently doesn't see the need to give me real hours, so I'm still only working two days a week. Luckily I can be broke right now, since my rent's already saved up, but if this keeps up, I'd rather be unemployed for a while, continuing this search for a crappy, entry-level position that will put me closer to where I want to be. 
Till then, I have to tell myself that if I want to be a writer (which I do) then I should write.
Lets hope something comes of that.

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