Thursday, January 6

Be Like Weetzie Bat

Number Two :: Decorate The WORLD Around You

"Cherokee's side of the room was filled with feathers, crystals, butterfly wings, rocks, shells and dried flowers. there was a small tepee that Coyote had helped Cherokee make. "
~Witch Baby

Easy Ways to Decorate Any Room ::
~ Find fake flowers and use them any way you can. Bouquet them in cheap glass vases, Hang them in wreaths from the wall or over the door, pin/glue them to shelves, tables, or frames.
-- Dan picked up a basket of fake fall flowers from the recycling pile at our building a while back, and I spritzed them with fabreeze before pulling them all out of the ugly basket and putting them in vases all over the apartment. Now, whenever I need a burst of lovely, I spritz them with pumpkin spice room spray and position them in lovely places on tables and shelves.
~ Make friends with the local thrift store, or even just the dollar store!
-- These are great places to pick up little decorating items, especially vases, holiday bits and pieces (snow globes, statuettes, window clings, etc), those fake flowers I suggested, plus basic decor like wreathes, place mats, etc! Not to mention candles, which are definitely a must and should be everywhere. :)
~Find Inspiration! 
-- I love blogs like Gala Darling and  Little Bukowski (pictures to the right and left), I mean, look at that bathroom! And the classic office look? Beautiful. Don't forget to flip through decorating and style magazines. You don't need to buy any of that stuff to snag some inspiration.
~Reuse everything you possibly can.
-- I'm a sucker for glass food jars, whether it's giant mason jars or tiny soup base jars, everything is used, cleaned and re-used as cups, vases, or new homes for homemade sauces, which usually then adorn my kitchen counters. Then there's old books, stacked and arranged, empty/clean wine bottles as vases/candlestick holders, clear vases filled with water and tea light candles, or old records as wall art! 
~Don't be afraid of trying things out; you can always redo it later!
-- Rearrange your furniture, hang up frames (for a stingy apartment, Command Hooks work wonders!) and place candles. vases, or frames everywhere. You can always move them back later if you don't like it. One easy fix for this too, is to try some Wall Decals! Many are really affordable, and you can take them down whenever you want!
~Use your imagination!
-- Anything can be inspiration for your home, and so many things can easily be adapted to fit your style with little fuss. Just give it a shot.

"…Our apartment is teeny and you have to walk up eight flights to get to it but we have a fireplace with carved angels, a leopard-print chaise lounge, Maxfield Parrish prints of nymphs in classical sunset gardens, pink-damask drapes and silk roses in platform shoes from the 40’s and 70’s that Izzy has collected." ~Dragons in Manhattan

Recommended Links/Inspiration ::

"We live in a house with a tower. The man who built it was a toymaker; he carved the faces over the fireplace and planted the vines that cover the walls and the oleander in the garden. It smells like cedar and eucalyptus, smoke and lavender in this house. There are things everywhere: books, shells, fossils, dried flowers, bird skulls, the antique wooden cherub, the miniature stone sphinx, ivory monkeys, the brass menorah, china dolls with little teeth, the ancient Roman tear vessel that came from a tomb—that looks like a fossilized tear itself; the three bronze women stand erect. My father made them before I was born." ~The Hanged Man

Recommended Reading :: Weetzie Bat (of course) and The Modern Girl's Guide To Life (Chapters 1 & 4)

"Fifi’s house was a Hollywood cottage with one of those fairy-tale roofs that look like someone has spilled silly sand. There were roses and lemon trees in the garden and two bedrooms inside the house—one painted rose and the other aqua. The house was filled with plaster Jesus statues, glass butterfly ashtrays, paintings of clowns, and many kinds of coasters. Weetzie and Dirk had always loved the house. " ~Weetzie Bat

Recommended Movie :: Marie Antoinette

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