Monday, October 18

Clip #3 :: Chai Numminess

             “So, let’s say I believe you.” She said, leaning her body completely against the table. “Which, you know, I really shouldn’t. It would be ridiculous if I did. But let’s just say I do.”
            I watched her for a moment and set the table. We sat together, mugs and a pot of steaming chai between us. Natalie lifted hers, sniffing at it. Her nose scrunched up as she took a noisy sip.
            Her brows furrowed together.
            “That’s really good.”
            I raised one eyebrow.
            “Are you surprised?”
            She shrugged.
            “I don’t like tea.”
            I smiled.
            “It’s chai. It’s better than normal tea.”
            She took a deep breath and pushed her chair back.
            “I have to go. I’m not supposed to be here.”
            “What are you going to do?”
            “About what?”
            I shrugged.
            “Thalia Valdez.”
            She looked back at the painting and took a deep breath.
            “What can I do? Tell my boss you had a dream that might tell us something about the case that might  help us figure something out? I mean, even if I did believe you, how does that help? You’ve been seeing this stuff, but what about it would actually help? Have you seen the attacker? His face?”
            I could feel my expression fall.

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