Monday, January 3

Lazy Sunlight Through Windowpanes

I have an idea for pictures along the blank wall of my bedroom.
Tiny, framed photographs, arranged haphazardly in waves along the drywall.
Black and white photos of the people and world around me blending into sepia candids followed by full color prints of flowers and sunlit skies.
Something to see and smile at, reminding me of the beauty in my own life. I don't always see it on my own.
taken & edited with my htc hero.
i need a real camera...
i am
all i want to do 
is go.


If Mary were here maybe I would.
If I were different. Braver. More impulsive. More fun. Maybe I would.
If I had money, I'm sure I would.

but now, all i want to do
is sleep.

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