Ways To Be Like Weetzie

This is my suggested list of little things you can do to be more like Weetzie Bat (and other FLB characters) in your every day life. For ideas pertaining to each individual idea, as well as links, images, and quotes, click each (currently available) link in the list to be taken to it's own page.
Hopefully, this will be continuously updated and adapted.

1. Get an awesome adorable haircut that you love. Or change the color!
3. Surround yourself with artistic, fun, loving people.
4. Always remember to love (and love yourself).
5. Be creative.
7. Invite friends and family over for a potluck with music and dancing.
8. Accept & Love Everyone.
9. Make a movie (or other media project) with friends.
10. Design something (or everything).
11. Immerse yourself in a different culture.
12. Believe in magic.
14. Go for long drives through the city.
16. Embrace People.
17. Enjoy some Vegetarian food.
18. Be glamorous.
19. Head to the beach for a day out.
20. Believe in love.
21. Read beautiful things.
22. Create your own lovely traditions.
23. Take advantage of every new experience.
24. Take walks through the city and explore the nooks, crannies, and foods you've never noticed!
25. Create something.
26. Be inspired.
27. Take pictures. Of everything! 
28. Write what you feel.
29. Dance whenever you feel like it. Find a reason!
30. Live somewhere you love!

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