Sunday, April 17

30 Day Photo Essay - Day One

Day one - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1. I wrote a whole mystery novel. But stopped editing it cause I got bored.
2. I love food more than just about anything. And I'll eat just about anything.
3. I am really lazy, and it's obvious.
4. I have an extremely low libido.
5. All I really want to do with my life is travel.
6. I'm pretty sure that even though money doesn't "buy" happiness, it makes it so much easier to be happy, and I really really want to not be poor anymore.
7. My favorite books are almost always fantasy based series'; Kushiel's Legacy, Harry Potter, Obernewtyn, etc.
8. I am an atheist. And I like myself this way.
9. I have pretty much no practical or artistic skills.
10. I like sweet, trashy wines.
11. I watch way too much tv, and am a well of pop-culture information.
12. I get cold in any weather below 78 degrees.
13. I miss Florida, though my favorite city is NYC.
14. I have little to no faith in humanity as a whole.
15. I need a job. For real.

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