Friday, February 19

OMGosh Sprouts!! (Gardening Project Part 1.2)

omigosh! Only a few days down and sprouts already!!

It's mostly arugula, which seems to be the only leafy green I'm good at growing (it's the only one that grew in my deck garden last summer), but there's also an onion sprout and two peas! I'm so pleasantly surprised and happy! This isn't a full post, I just had to mention this because it got me so excited. I wasn't expecting to see anything for a while.
Unfortunately, I had to change the markers from the wooden sticks to the plastic ones that came with the greenhouse (i was hoping to save them) because some uber ick mold had started to grow. But at least it looks good.
Now I'm just waiting for the soil to dry out a bit before covering the house again so that mold doesn't grow again.
One more step towards a beautiful natural tasty happy place (aka veggie garden)!

For those of you who think growing a garden is hard, or they don't have room for one, don't think that way!
A small garden is a great way (i think) to do a simple, little thing that makes you feel successful and happy. When I lived in an apartment, I grew arugula and basil in pots on my small deck (i also tried other things- a lot of other things- but they didn't work so well; it was still fun though). It made me feel good to go out, pick something, then go back to the kitchen and make something to eat with something i'd grown myself! Even if it was just a salad :)

Next post, btw, should be about the language and slang terms from FLB books. They're so much fun, though not too practical for daily use, and I'd like to explore the way they're used and why they make the characters so much more unique.

Be happy!

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