Monday, April 18

30 Day Photo Essay - Day Two

Day two - A picture of the person you have been closest to longest.

Mary Campbell.
Best Friend, Hetero life-mate.

Met when she moved in next door. She had short hair and wore a long dress the first time we played.

I remember playing with Sand Art together and getting so much in the carpet that my parents got pissed and had to get rid of it.
I remember making "potions" out of leaves and grass and flowers.
I remember us spending time at the pool and working with my mother.
I remember getting into a fight and her pushing/kicking(?) me in the back, though i don't remember why.
I remember grabbing either others fingers and spinning around trying to imitate the dance scene in Titanic. (Which we never stopped doing)
I remember eating garlic salad at my mother's friend's house, and sitting in a crooked tree swing together watching the sky.
I remember living next to the school together and being poor but chill and happy.

Longest friend, closest friend, best friend.

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