Thursday, April 21

TiLt :: Dancing your heart Out

I've been working {kind of}hard the past two weeks on my way to getting more fit. After work, if I'm not out and about and busy, I dance for half an hour {Just Dance 2 is my favorite thing in the Verse right now}, and I've been cutting calories and bad foodstuffs. On days off (there's still a lot of them) I dance for at least an hour, and have small meals and healthy snacks through the day. Now that the warmth is coming back little by little I plan on spending more time outside, which always just feels naturally better for me. Unfortunately, my finances disagree, and so does the world around me.
I have to try and get myself back into the habit of being happy.

So here's some great things this week.

* lebanese deli in Raliegh, with barrels of olives and tons of fresh food * fun and crazy dances on Just Dance 2 * my vow to never drink coffee again!! {this actually isn't a health thing exactly, coffee just makes me reeeaaally sick. never again.} * family recipes from my dad scribbled on note cards * my new haircut!!! i think i'm gonna cut it shorter again in a week or so, but for now i feel super cute and I <3 it like wow! * spending the afternoon putting up frames and cleaning while the sun shines through (newly cleaned) windows * long dresses on hot, windy days * my "brand new" vintage Samsonite suitcase! a little big (and not too bright) for my tastes, but super awesome * my new 30 Day Photo Essay project * Miss Indie's Treasure Hunt post; I am definitely going to copy this soon, I love it. *

Dislike this week:: my incredible wanderlust; all I want to do right now is move around and never stop.

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