Tuesday, April 19

30 Day Photo Essay - Day Three

Day three - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

I have a lot of shows I really like, but when I think about it, there's none that I'd really call my favorite beyond Buffy.
Sure, I adore other Whedon shows, Dr Who, Pushing Daisies, and there's always Sailor Moon, my childhood addiction. But Buffy really stands apart; the most fun, the most heartbreaking, my absolute favorite above all. I loved it when I was a teenager and it was just catching on, and I love it now, watching the same episodes over and over and still laughing or (yes sometimes) getting teary eyed over this or that persons doomed love affair or death.

(Despite the music, this is the best compilation video I could find. I love the scene where Angel slaps her, her face is great.)

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