Thursday, February 24

TiLT :: Sunsets in International Waters

Things I've Loved This Week
(or last week, on vacation)

Crisp, sweet, refreshing coconut water over ice & Cuddles with puppies when we finally got home & Watching old shows about ghosts and spooky things & Beachwear souvenirs from Key West & Planning my new apartment!!! & Sweet and bubbly local Bahamian soda Goombay Punch & Sitting around in the hot tub and watching the sea go by & Sipping Pina Coladas while strolling through beautiful Key West & Forcing Dan to sip his first Cafe con Leche and watching him want more! & Conch Fritters out of a truck for both breakfast AND dinner & Sitting on a pier at the very bottom tip of the Florida continent 
& Beautiful sunsets in the middle of the ocean that remind you of that life can be wonderful.

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  1. Mmm coconut water sounds yummy!
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