Monday, March 18

Coconut Smoothie. To Health!

Coconut Flax Smoothie

1 part coconut milk (currently using "light", but regular is good)
1 part almond milk (or soy, if that's your thing)
1 serving roasted flax seeds
small scoop of ice
pinch of sugar or honey to taste

For an extra boost, add a serving of protein powder! (i would, but i don't have any... it's expensive)

Having never had flax, or understood why people would put seeds in their smoothies, I only grabbed a bag of the stuff at Trader Joe's because I wanted something healthy to make smoothies with and the damned protein powder was too expensive. Flax isn't a great source of protein, but it's good for fiber and Omega-3s, which is good, and I like to think that the almond milk gives it a little extra bit of protein too. Soy milk would likely add more protein, but I'm avoiding soy while I try to get back in shape.

So I got home and threw stuff together. I wasn't sure what it would taste like, but it turns out I love it. It tastes like a coconut puffed rice cake!

I've been drinking these for breakfast before going on the treadmill, or bigger portions at dinner time when the idea of cooking just drives me up the wall.

I imagine Echo drinking smoothies like this when she's training with Nina and Mark. The couple aren't good for her, but she learns to be fit and healthy instead of just skinny while she's with them; learns to eat right and exercise without starving herself.
"I met Nina first. She taught aerobics classes at the gym and I used to stand next to her, looking at all those mysterious muscles-- the arcs of her biceps, her ladderlike abdomen, tight rear end, strong, narrow quads, powerful calves. Everything tanned evenly. I wanted that perfection. Maybe, I thought, you can find it without starvation-- with protein and sweat and pain becoming perfectly formed, taut body tissue." - Echo

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