Thursday, February 3

TiLt -- New Years!

Things I Love Thursday
Year of the Rabbit

Happy Year of the Rabbit!!

Today, I'm loving very few things, but they're all delightful anyway.

Roast duck at dingy but authentic Chinese restaurants-- bringing luck in the new year. & Soothing hot tea like liquid comfort & TrimStep shoes that let me feel productive even when I'm walking the dogs & How I Met Your Mother-- i can't stop watching!!  
&  Leggings and short shorts &  Smooth, silky straight hair and smoky eyes & Cuddles with puppies & Drinking with friends & Planing amazing trips-- like the bahaaaamaamas in 8 days!
& Being wrapped up on the couch while the icy wind blows outside & Dirty dreams that make you want to sleep in & Ice cold, refreshing Coconut Water & Beautiful, romantic movies & Beautiful books -- just got Paint It Black in the mail! & Stretches that make your joints crack but your body breeeeaaathe & Lit candles everywhere & Layered outfits of thick socks, cozy shirts, mini shorts, and long coats.  

Have a great new year!

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