Wednesday, February 23

Coconut Smoothies and a lot of TV

Nowadays, I drink Coconut Water (Goya's canned Unsweetened Coconut Water to be specific-- I don't like soaked bits of coconut meat in my drinks...) more than I drink regular water. Which, really, isn't much at all, because it's like $1.90 a can, and I drink them really fast, and I really never drink water. But either way, I love them. So refreshing and delicious, not too sweet, and so wonderful and healthy.

But since I got back from the amazingawesomefoodfilledcruiseVacation, I've been sick with the flu, bed-ridden with cramps, and I've wanted a little 
something extra. 

Enter my poor over-used blender and a randomly thought up coconut smoothie.

Think a pina colada sans the pina, or a coconut daiquiri sans the rum.
Easy peasy to make too:
1/2 can Coconut Milk (which is basically pureed coconut meat, used a lot in cooking)
1/2 can Coconut Water (I used my Unsweetened Goya stuff, I keep it on hand cause it doesn't have bits of coconut in it, but if you have that stuff instead, it should be fine)
1/2 cup sugar (simple syrup is really best, so if you have some, use it; i'm just too lazy to make it)
Enough Ice to fill the blender about half way

Pile it all in and bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt!
Use more or less sugar to adjust how you'd like it, I like it not too sweet because it makes me feel healthier but you can do it however you'd like.

Add a straw, a fruity garnish if you'd like, and enjoy the amazing tropical goodness!
Now if only I could stop watching the damned television and dooo something!

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