Sunday, March 13

Quiet days in empty homes

We've moved into our new apartment. It'll be official tomorrow.
This is the second time I've moved since starting Weetzie Way, and its always a new beginning.
I want to be happy here. I want to live and thrive a be creative and productive and useful and happy and alive.

There are two airy bedrooms, bathrooms I want to LiveJ up in pink and blue and brown. A small, white kitchen that my best friend has already decorated for me, and a whimsical french door in the main room that opens up to the sun filled deck.

Its been beautiful here today. And since work I've spent my time laying on the living room floor with the door wide open and the fan dusting a breeze across the room.
This is the first time I've been alone in the apartment. The puppies whimpering.g at passersby, the sounds of the neighbourhood around me.

I am enlivened by the potential this place has. I just hope I'm not too far gone to make it happen.
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