Thursday, February 10

Things I Love Thursday

Wonderful things this week...

Planning amazing vacations.     Can't. Stop. Researching. Bahamas. Can't. Wait. To Be. There.

Pre-Vacation Shopping.     I had to resist the urge to buy several adorable beach dresses, as well as a tiny rainbow umbrella and an adorable pair of island-ready flats. I did, however, give in to a tiny, sparkling zebra patterned clip wallet and an adorable pair of Liz & Co. sunglasses.

Finding new inspirational women.     Discovered Tura Satana the other day. Caught a late night showing of Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill! like a year or two ago, and of course it was awesomely bad and wonderful, but then you read about Satana and all the things she lived through and did, and it's amazing.

Big, adorable headphones with crazy cute outfits.     I love my bright pink and black peace sign headphones. They're big and shiny and beautiful, and I love the way they look with an adorable outfit. Especially on train rides and sitting in the park (if I ever did that).

This song.     I posted this music video hear a few months ago when I discovered the song, but I re-discovered it last night, and have NOT been able to stop listening to it. I listened to Perri's EP, and can't wait for her full album to come out!

Returning to my novel.   I wrote a 30-day novel back in October, but when I finished it I took my time editing it. Then, after a heart-breaking incident with my life-line (AKA my SD card), I lost pretty much everything except half of my original manuscript and a printed version of it (with notes and some edits). I spent a looong time wanted to work on it, but the work involved was crazy intimidating. Now I've picked up the pages and started typing everything back where it belongs, editing and rearranging as I go. It's so liberating and I feel so productive and creative!

And, just because I'm in a good mood...
"Little Things That Made Me Smile":

Candle-lit evenings & Conversations about faerie gardens & Bits of creamy Gorgonzola and sweet red wine & Classic snapshots of nature & Sending my novel to friends, chapter by chapter & Early valentine presents & Dan being wonderfully comforting in my pre-cruise hysteria & Soft kisses & Sweet, bubbly deliciousness of sparkling grape juice & Super spicy delicious Spicy Tuna bowls & Fantasizing about lounging on a perfect Bahamian beach.

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