Tuesday, February 12


I've left behind a piece of my life tonight.
I think.
A feeling felt and held and cried over. Now found, and mourned
let go?

My life is not what I want it to be.
But this.
I want this.
To tilt my head back and laugh at the sky
like it is too big and too bright and it is perfect
but I am too.
Like the greatness of the thing
can no longer intimidate me.
The past behind, hope ahead.
Life ahead.
I want this.

"I have been young too
I have been Psyche, I have been Echo
I have been Eurydice
I have been Persephone, like you
I thought I was not a goddess..."
"But she was a goddess and a storyteller too. A soul in a new dress now."
~Psyche in a Dress

"Things are changing. You just must believe it, yes? You just must believe." 
~ Changelings {Blood Roses}
"I want to paint. I want to paint things that make people feel their pulse. Like drums. Like running. Like making love.
I will paint a Tarot deck-- my own."
~The Hanged Man

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