Monday, September 7

Style Icon, Angel Edition

Angel Haze

Angel Haze is kind of my hero right now.

A trans/a-gender rap artist with a rocking body, badass style, and an attitude (but maybe not ego?) to match, with a musical sound that makes me want to close my eyes and disappear into the beat. Which is not typical for me when it comes to your everyday rap music.

But Angel's music is heart-achingly powerful. Whether it's strong and beautiful in Battle Cry or intense and vivid in Weapon, or aggressively honest in Black Dahlia and Impossible, I am repeatedly amazed and drawn in by their work.

"you the only one who holds the key to your healing"

I don't remember how I found their work this particular time (I'd heard of them before but didn't really pay attention) but I. fell. hard.

"sometimes it has to hurt for the cause to be reached

but one day you'll be stronger than all that you beat"

""When I listened back [to my music], I felt disgusted. I wanted everyone to feel that. It was good that they felt it, because it was fucking wrong. I want someone who's a father to listen to the song, and be like: 'No one had better ever fucking touch my daughter like that. And if they do, you can tell me.'"" - interview about one of their first songs.

Did I mention they speak Tsalagi-- a native tongue from her heritage? Self-taught, too. How fucking cool is that?

They also seem to share a little of my ridiculous obsession with love... ""I'm really obsessed with the idea of love. I have this desire to have this immaculate form of love that really doesn't exist, so my obsession goes on through life and I never find it and I end up miserable. But it makes me a better writer.""

Video links until I can embed them...

 Battle Cry 

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