Thursday, March 17

New Place TiLT

this week has been a surprising array or ups and downs. From hot and cold weather to hit and miss food. New place but no internet.

but here are some great things from this week.

My best friennd visiting and helping me pack, move, and decorate.¥ Friends over for an amazing Korean style BBQ and lots of beer ¥ Having the porch door open with the fan on when it's bright and warm and wonderful out ¥ Eating vegetation food while Mary was here! ¥ Receiving a fully edited copy of my manuscript from her too ¥ Spring coming early <3

On a side note,living off of my (shattered) cell phone- due to a lack of internet- not on my list if things I love.

Although the fact that I can... that's a different story...

Hopefully ill be back to regular (weetzie based) blog posts when I have internet and a computer at the same time again....
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