Wednesday, March 30

Beautiful Blogs :: gypsy life

I don't generally read coloborative blogs. Too many people to keep up with.
Gypsy Girls Guide has changed that.

With all kinds of amazing contributers, GGG is an amazing source of inspiration. (and a guaranteed way to begin a long bout of wanderlust)

It's likely that in the near future I'll be posting a lot of stuff about travel and nature and moving around.
Since our vacation I've been desperate to move (literally, not like into a new place....just did that). Consider this the beginning of that series.

With travel journals from women who travel the world, to images of far off places and little adventures closer to home. "Road tunes" to get you going, poetry and fashion to inspire, and guides/information about the world around you near and far, this site is truly an inspirational delight.

There's even food related posts, which there damn well should be. Traveling isn't true without the amazing, unique, and life-changing food you can get in new places.

If you visit (please do) make sure to stop by the Manifesto. It's awesome. I liked it so much I printed it out and used phrases throughout my Bible. I love it.

Reading the posts makes me want to just get up and go somewhere.
Even if it's just another town, stopping at a strange hole-in-the-wall restaurant for lunch then wandering the streets. A day in the mountains with veggie sandwiches and hummus. A big city hotel for a night, ordering room service with the windows open and the sounds of the street filling the air. A picnic at the park with pesto pasta salad, fruits, and sweet wine in plastic cups.
I miss the freedom of having a car. Dan works so much and I'm so dependent on his car that all I do is sit around here waiting for him to get home, or to pick him up.

I want to pack up the car with lunch and just go. For a few hours or a few days, it doesn't even matter.
I read this blog and I want this bohemian lifestyle.
I want to love my life and know I can just get up and go anywhere (even if that anywhere only really includes how far a tank of gas will get me).

Read it.
Be inspired.

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