Sunday, October 24

Teeny Clip 1 :: Affair?

“I don’t know how serious your relationship with her was, but I swear, swear, swear that I’m trying to help her. You don’t know me and don’t have any reason to trust me, but if I’m lying you can…I don’t know, call the cops and have me arrested. I really, really need your help. I’ve been trying to piece together her last week, but I can’t find any information about her anywhere. I talked to the owner where she worked but as soon as I got more personal he started clamming up. I know she met with you, and I’m pretty sure she kissed you, and I’m pretty sure she had feelings for you, but other than that, I’m lost.”

            I leaned forward in my seat, my hands raised in a begging motion, my eyes pleading. Brooke continued to glare, now leaning back in his chair as my words died out in the crisp air of the room. With a sigh he leaned back onto the desk, his face a mixture of loss and determination.

            “How did you know?” he asked, his voice soft.

            “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

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