Tuesday, October 5

Clip #1 :: Thriller?

As she lifted one foot to begin down the steps, the door behind her opened with a crack. Before she could turn her head towards the noise, fingers wrapped tight around her head. One cold hand clasped over her forehead, pulling her backwards. The world around her slowed and was suddenly dimmer, a deep, buzzing noise filling her ears. As she took a breath to scream, thin, long fingers slapped over her mouth, nails digging into the flesh of her cheek. The noise that came out of her mouth was gurgled and quiet, barely making it past the barrier. As she began to fall backwards, her wet, pleading eyes watched the clouds above her, and she wondered with a vague sense of emptiness if that was the last time she’d ever see them. Then she was yanked back into the darkness of the empty hallway.
-from Chapter 3

((remember, this is Draft 1:: not very good, but the foundation for something fun later))
Copyright Cyn Marts

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