Wednesday, February 17

Love, Love, Love

In the world of these books- in FLB's world- love is life.

It's not the kind of thing where the character doesn't enjoy life without their lover- its actually quite the opposite. Love is everywhere in these stories, love for souses, friends, family, lovers. The stories and novels are pretty much all about love and the relationships we have with people.

Any love, that is love, is right.

There is no (or little) judgment based on gender, sexuality, age, or race. People love who they love and are given the freedom to do just that.
If we could all love the way FLB's characters do, maybe the world would be better.

More after the "break"

One of my favorite stories of love is the story of Tuck's mothers in Dragons in Manhattan (Girl Goddess #9). Here are a few clips, then I'll give a sort of summary:
((Spoiler, btw; finding this out is part of the fun of the story, so if you haven't read it- and plan to- go read it, then come back))

Irving Rose had known for as long as he could remember that he wanted to be a girl. It was as if this girl was living inside of him, waiting. The kids at school knew. They teased him all the time. "Is Irving or isn't he?" they sang. "Is he or isn't he?" That was how he got the name Izzy.
Ann looked into his sad eyes and said, "I'm gay."
When she had stopped crying, Ann asked Irving to tell her something about himself. Irving told Ann that he wanted to be a woman and that he was in love with her.
The next day Irving asked Ann to go out with him again. When she came out to meet him, wearing all her silver jewelry and glass beads, she saw, in the driver's seat of the Volvo, a beautiful woman with long curly read hair.
"I'm Izzy," the woman said. "Irving couldn't make it."
A while later, they took a trip to the Pink Gingerbread in San Francisco and Irving made love to Anastasia for the first and only time as Irving, so that they could have a baby. After that they went to Europe and Irving had the operation and became Izzy.  (Girl Goddess #9, pages 36-93)

So...basically, Irving and Ann meet in high school. Irving = transsexual, not gay. Ann= gay. Irving falls in love with Ann, chooses to be a woman, Ann falls in love with Irving. Now Anastasia and Izzy, they run away to New York. Later they vacation in LA, have sex as man/woman, and go back home to Izzy's sex change. Tuck is born and they give him the last name Budd, a variation of Irving's last name- Rose. 

Personally, I think it's beautiful! Granted, I'm sure many gays, lesbians, and transsexuals alike would tell me it's naive and ridiculous, perhaps even insulting, but to me it's a representation of the way love can (or should be able to) cross all boundaries of gender and sex.
Naive? Maybe. But I try to be hopeful more so.

I think every now and then I'll post clips and a summary from my favorite stories about love (notice, not "love stories") from the books.
So I'll end this now and come back to this subject (again and again) another time.

Be happy,

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