Thursday, October 27

Finding Light when it's Dark Inside

sit outside in the sunshine, even on a cold day. close your eyes and let the sun soak into your skin.
sip hot tea by the window. don't think about yourself, just watch the world outside. watch the sky. watch the trees.
go for a walk when it's bright out. think of songs you love and pretend there's nothing else in the world. hum.
buy flowers for your bedroom. make your living room smell like pumpkin or apple spice or cinnamon in the fall. breathe. relax.
drink iced hibiscus green tea with honey. lie on the floor and watch sunlight on the walls. daydream.
light candles in the darkness and breathe in their warmth. remember quiet times of calmness and peace and simple joy.
lie on the carpet or bed and listen to quiet, beautiful music. let it seep into you and wash the rest of the world away.
eat chicken soup or chinese dumplings. let the heat and flavor roll through you. live in the moment of your taste and savor it.
dance to music that makes you feel alive. close your eyes and see the light of the music pulse as your body moves.
remember the sun. remember the light. remember that things always get better. not right away, but eventually.
find your light. hold on to it. don't let go.


  1. Thank you for mentioning me here:

    That was oh so sweet of you!


  2. No problem! I love your blog! (Although I don't read it as often as I'd like ^-^')


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