Thursday, October 27

Beautiful Blogs :: carry me away

"always carried away"

A beautiful blog of snippets.
Photos (I assume from the internet)
And simple blog entries.
Sometimes about life, love, work, or Mademoiselle Deva's personal life.
Beautiful images.
Often equally beautiful words.
I love that this blog doesn't require a lot of commitment or reading. 
Flip through this scrapbook-esque collection of beauty and life.
(With several different formats to choose from)

Let's love more.

I love LOVE.
I need love.
I breathe love.

I am LOVE.
I am realistic.
I expect miracles.

I believe in magic.

It's easy to get lost, 
and easy to become enamored.
Perfect for a daily dose of inspiration.

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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing words! I am glad you like reading my blog:) Once again thank you so much!


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