Thursday, October 4

A Weetzie Party

I'm imagining a party. 

A birthday party, maybe.

Where all the decorations are pink and purple and covered in glitter, and fake flowers are strewn across the room. Paper stars hanging from branches, glitter garland around the doors and tables. Confetti on every table to spray around the rooms.

The invitations are sent out in little white envelopes, filled with glitter confetti that dances to the floor when you open it.

Pink champagne and hibiscus tea to drink,
tiny cakes with rainbow sprinkles litter the table.
Veggie hummus dip, dried hibiscus snacks.

Everyone has to be lovely, in glam dresses and flower crowns and silver tiaras, dress pants and dapper vests and hats. Glitter on every cheek and bright, colorful bracelets jingling from everyone's wrists.

The Beatles should play in the background. And african drum beats and salsa and David Bowie. Everyone dances and everyone smiles.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea!
    Anything to do with dreamland and flowes- count me in.
    Some of the photos on my blog are my own, mostly though they are from other blogs that I'm inspired by.
    Will be following you back.
    ♥ ♥


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