Wednesday, August 15

Currently reading Pink Smog! Definitely puts me back in a blogging mood.
Also, have been having minor success selling bracelets on Etsy, and I really really want to make Weetzie inspires ones! Any suggestions???


  1. You should make some light pink and silver ones. Or something to represent a camera and some sparkle for the flash (to represent Witch Baby's photographs). If you can make your own charms with that clay that you put into the oven (it's pretty cheap), you should make some little pink cars and some ducks or something of that sort. In ceramics class, I made the head of what was supposed to represent Dirk. It turned out pretty awesome. The possibilities are endless. Any little charms to represent small things in the books. Feathers, skates, tiny bottles of champagne, surfboards. Have you ever read Blood Roses? I'm just going on and on! okay well. That is all.

    1. Awesome comment is awesome!

      I currently can't do much except with what I've got,but those are great ideas for when I have more resources!

      I love the idea of doing bright pinks with, like, really shiny silver streaks here and there for weetzie, and maybe black and purple for witch baby, and that sparkle for flash is an awesome idea!
      Duck idea is awesome! Wish I was good enough to make them in the pattern. PRACTICE TIME!

      I have read Blood Roses, although I think it's one i forget about a lot.


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