Thursday, May 10

Momma I'm Comin Home

Recently, three things have made me want to be here again.
1. My beau thinks I need a hobby (blah)
2. Someone on twitter said they liked my blog a lot. I can only assume they meant this one. Or my tumblr, which is sorta in conjunction with this...
3. I've been really (really) depressed lately. And my GP basically said that she can't help me and I need a real med-shrink. Which I can't afford. So...

I really want to keep writing this. I know I'm sporadic and random and lazy and nobody really reads this anyway, but it's still one of the few things I'm still passionate about, so...I really want to do it.
I had lots of ideas when I started, and hopefully I've still got some drafts going.
I wish I had contributors....
And there's so many books to break down and talk about food and characters and lives...I just need to stop being lazy and immerse myself in this.
I have the time, I really do, because I'm so lazy.

So, right now I'm off to get some really unhealthy but really cheap and yummy fast food (churches, I can't help myself) but I will will will will really will be back.
i promise.

1 comment:

  1. I am reading ;)
    Just found your blog a few days ago and saw it was a long time ago you posted something.
    Believe me..writing helps your depression. I've been there. Writing about the things that makes you happy or sad, makes it real.
    And remember (because when real depressed you think it is not going to stop, your whole future seems grim) today you feel sad, but tomorrow can be completely different. Feelings come and go as seasons may come and go. See this time as your winter and springs is coming ;)


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