Sunday, May 13

Living in Beautiful Words

I just had to take a moment to point out something FLB-Awesome. (I just made that up. But it's a thing, I'm sure.)
Justina, who runs a blog, La Boheme Magique, I used to regularly read (and probably will again, now that I'm back in the blogger state of mind) posted last month about some adorable little Birdhouses she's been making.

I don't think I've done a post about her blog yet, but I should...  anyway.

In the meantime, take a look at those birdhouses.
Okay. Did you look?
Seriously, do it.


She decoupaged the houses with pages from an FLB book! 
I mean, come on! So cool!

I love that she points out that one of them has the quote "We painted our faces with rainbows." from Psyche in a Dress in perfect readable print at the bottom of it.
(you can see it down there if you look hard)

How. Fricking. Cute.

I tried to find a link to her Etsy (she sells these!) on her blog, but I didn't see one and haven't really had time to search for it. Either way, go check that blog out; it's cool.


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