Saturday, April 17

Nikki in the Sun

Today's HTBH accomplishment: "Go out in the backyard or park on a sunny day and lay down on the grass and watch the sky. "

From an early morning skate to the International Festival on campus to an impromptu visit from my Dad which led to ceviche tacos, a used bookstore, and a Korean BBQ buffet, today was a good day.

My dad continues to bother me about working harder towards being a writer. Did you know that once you've received payment for three pieces of work (I assume literary pieces) you can officially consider yourself a writer? I've been considering a MFA program in creative writing, but I rarely feel like a writer any more, and I'm really sick of school, so I'm not sure I want to bother.

But now, occasionally, you'll see little things like this here, my short writing practices:

For her birthday, Nikki wanted a pony. She wanted a black pony, a pink electric scooter, and a pair of blue and purple Riedell quad roller skates.
On her birthday, she got a yellow sundress Barbie with pink sandals named Jenna.
Nikki smiled thankfully, then stomped around the house, ripping her three photocopied wish lists off of their Bike Rally magnets.
With her her hopes balled up in the trash, she grabbed a bottle of paint and a shallow glass, and trudged up the stairs to dye Jenna's hair blue.

Reason? None. Just a short bit of nothing to get me back into the habit of writing.

For the record, Korean cinnamon tea is one of the most delicious things in the whole world.
I also want to get dark henna tattoos every day. I love them.


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